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Due to the current environment, and the demands on Dr. Jessica's time, Love Builder will not be offering any live courses until things calm down.  We are currently offering our pre-recorded courses for a limited time, and the free course Don't Lose Your Love While on Lockdown are both available at the links below. In the meantime, if you would like to purchase one of the previously recorded courses and have any questions, please feel free to email info@lovebuilder.com.  

Thank you, and be safe!

No upcoming events.

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don't lose your love while on lockdown


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I understand and acknowledge that Jessica L. Griffin, Psy.D. (aka “Dr. Jessica”) is a licensed clinical psychologist. Even though she is a licensed clinical psychologist/therapist, she is not acting as a therapist or clinician in any connection with LoveBuilder Inc. as the LoveBuilder Inc. seminars and webinars are strictly educational. Dr. Jessica is licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is providing this educational seminar out of Massachusetts. LoveBuilder is not designed to replace individual or couples' therapy and couples and individuals are encouraged to seek out professional support in their own communities.  Within her role at LoveBuilder Inc, Dr. Jessica will be providing an educational seminar and in no way is acting as a therapist or counselor. Within the LoveBuilder Inc. seminars and webinars, including any pre-work or follow-up, Dr. Jessica will not assess, intervene, or provide treatment individually or via couples’ or group therapy. Dr. Jessica will be providing general information to the public via a series of educational seminars and webinars but is not, at any point, providing individual (case-specific) medical or psychological advice. I understand and I acknowledge that Dr. Jessica will not be acting as my therapist or health care provider, and I do not and will not have a doctor-patient or therapist-client relationship with her as a result of my participation in the LoveBuilder Inc. Program and/or her interactions with me. LoveBuilder Inc. seminars and webinars are designed to be educational in nature and much of the content is derived from a large evidence-base as well as Dr. Jessica’s extensive professional experience. The LoveBuilder Inc. content, including the exercises, are provided as educational in nature and it is noted that not every exercise will benefit every person/couple.