Frequently Asked Questions

Is this therapy?

The Love Builder courses are educational research-based relationship training - they are not therapy.  However, in some way it's better than therapy - it doesn't have the stigma of couples therapy, you can be happy in your relationship and take the course.  We're here to make your relationship amazing, regardless of what the status is now!  

what if i can't make the live class time?

No problem! All of the webinars are recorded and sent to everyone (regardless of live attendance) every week.  This means you can watch on your own time, and as many times as you'd like!

Does my partner have to take the course too?

Technically no, but a lot of the activities are based around both people participating.  At first glance your partner may think the course is designed for struggling couples, or just generally something they're not interested in.  Well the courses are designed to be fun, engaging, and make everyones life better (including theirs).  If your partner has questions about the course, please feel free to reach out so we can get them on board too!

will my information be kept private?

All customer information is kept completely private.  No one will be able to see who is in the course, or even how many people.  You will never be called on by name, and all messages/questions sent are private between us and you.  We will even take your question and make it slightly more general to avoid giving away something you may feel is too specific and/or private.

will Dr. jessica do private couples counseling?

Long answer short - it depends. Currently "Tele-health" is still making it's way through the psychology world to become mainstream.  The laws in each state, as far as therapist-client relationships, are vastly different and this causes a slight problem.  If you would like private counseling please reach out to and provide your request as well as what state you live in.  If your state does not allow for tele-health then we can try to work around it, or provide you with contact information for local therapists.