Our Training

As an example - the link below is to a recording of our FREE webinar on keeping your sanity while on lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic!

A quick look at our other live web-based trainings

Based around our "rooms of success," the webinar series are set-up in three sections: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Don't be fooled, beginner doesn't mean you're at the beginning of your relationship, but rather the beginning of our Love Building process.  We want to build the right foundation so that when you're in the advanced course there's minimal fear of miscommunicating a sensitive topic, starting a fight, and/or undoing all of the work you've accomplished.

Below are the topics for our weekly beginner sessions and how the whole webinar course works:

Session 1: Introduction and Communication - The Living Room

Session 2: Physical and Emotional Intimacy - The Bedroom

Session 3: Household Responsibilities/Expectations - The Kitchen

Session 4: Social and Family Connectedness - The Back Deck

Session 5: Career goals, Planning, and  Finances - The Home Office

Session 6: Communication Part II - How to Fight Fair - The Laundry Room

Each section is comprised of an overview of the topic,  research on the topic (not too much to bore you to death), standard issues that arise, and tactics to help you navigate tough situations. Then we have a quick Q&A, and give an exercise(s) to take with you until the following week's session.

We are also offering a singles class that is designed to keep you from making the mistakes most dating books are telling you to make! It is one night and two hours long, full of the brain science around love and attachment.  The goal is to help you identify when you are on a date and sitting across from the person of your dreams, or someone you shouldn't call back (regardless of how you might think you can change them).  It's a power packed two hour session, so bring a notebook and glass of wine!

Sound good? Well head over and watch the free course now, and you'll get a feel for what you're in for.  Then, when everything settles down, come check back in to get into one of our live courses!

Please Note:

We are not your therapists and these courses are not designed to replace individual or couples' therapy.    We are not providing individual therapy, assessment, or intervention.  These trainings are not for people in abusive relationships. If you are in an abusive relationship please seek legal and psychological help.  The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or .  See additional disclaimers on our Shop page.