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Introduction to Love Builder

Our Philosophy

We believe any relationship can thrive, so long as both people are committed to making it work.  Whether just starting out, in a long-term marriage, or on the verge of divorce, 

we give you the tools to build love like you've never known.

Our approach

Research-Based Training Courses

Based on the almost 20 years of professional experience and research Dr. Jessica has accumulated, all of our educational trainings are grounded in scientifically proven relationship research. Among others, we explore topics such as attachment, the health benefits of being in a loving relationship, and the top reasons couples don't make it.  We then bring this research to you in an exciting, usable format that can help take your relationship to the best level; and keep it there!

Broken into "Rooms" of Success

  • Communication - the Living Room
  • Intimacy - the Bedroom
  • Social and Family Connectedness - the Back Deck
  • Career Goals, Life Planning- the Dining Room
  • Finances - the Home Office
  • Household Responsibilities & Expectations - the Kitchen
  • How to Fight- the Laundry Room

  • Bonus Rooms (coming soon) include our Parenting training in "the Nursery," Traveling well together in "the Garage," and other topics!

The Tools to Succeed Without Us

With our educational webinars scheduled for one-hour per week, we give you evidence-based fun exercises (we promise they are actually fun)  to help our trainings carry over into your life and help the love build between each webinar and after the course ends.

Our Webinars


Our educational courses are designed to cover the most impactful material first, to get a solid foundation for your "house" and make sure you're on the right relationship footing.  Then we go deeper into relationship science and strategies to deepen your connection throughout our courses, to make your relationship something you brag about!  

We have created our beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, but are currently developing new courses, and will always be coming out with more dates and times of our current offerings, so if you don't see something that works- check back soon!

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